Judd Kendall VFW Post 3873

Poppy Volunteers Needed!


It’s time once again for our annual Buddy Poppy fundraiser. We need volunteers to sign up for the two hour slots at the various locations that have graciously allowed us to distribute poppies from May 24 through May 28. The signup will use the same tool as the previous years. Go to


and look for a location, day, and time that suits you.  Feel free to sign up for multiple slots.  We need all the help we can get. Signups are much lower than in previous years.  Please don’t wait to sign up.  This is the major fundraiser for our post, and it relies on you volunteering your time to help make it a success.

Remember that you need to come to the post to get what you need for your shift in advance of your time slot. You need a collection jug, and one bag of poppies per shift. Each bag contains 150 poppies, which is enough for a two hour slot at a busy location.  Masks are optional this year, as is the use of styrofoam boards to hold poppies for distribution (i.e., you can hold them in your hand if you prefer).  Please return your supplies and funds collected as quickly as possible.  Collection jugs are a shared resource, we need these returned for others to use.  So please get your money, poppies, and jug back to us as quick as you can.  Jugs and unused poppies should be returned to the conference room.  Money collected should be given to the bartender.

Once again, please sign up for slots now, so we can plan our coverage of locations.  The signup sheet link is live now. The information on ‘how to’ will also be on the post web site.

For questions, contact one of the committee members:


Bob Colby - bobcolby888@gmail.com

Tom Richert - tom.richert@gmail.com


Nancy Marinello - nancymarinello@yahoo.com

Julie Berkowicz - julie@berkowicz.net