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908 W Jackson, Naperville, Illinois 60540

Judd Kendall VFW Post 3873


Every Memorial Day weekend the Naperville VFW and American Legion place flags on grave sites of all deceased Veterans.  We prepare their grave sites just as is done at all National Cemeteries and at American Cemeteries abroad.  We also have local Boy Scout troops and Sea Cadets help place the flags at the larger cemeteries.  Below is the list of cemeteries covered and as you can see we place over 2,600 flags each year.










The list of names has been maintained most recently by Iris and Wayne Fischer, and I'm sure many others in the past. When I took over maintaining this list I thought a nice addition would be to add more information about the person being honored. There is so much history in these Veterans that I thought it would be nice to also honor their conflict served, branch of service, service record, or any other information of interest. The 2018 Memorial Day was our first time using the information I could find on each of the Veterans, but it is time to expand this project, and “crowd source” the collection of this information!


To this end, I would like to enlist the aid of interested folks to collect information about these Veterans (including any Veteran we may have missed):

  • Full / Given first name and any nickname used

  • Full / Given middle name

  • Last name

  • Suffix (Dr., Sr., Jr., etc)

  • Date of Birth

  • Date of Death

  • Conflict Served (Civil War, WW-I, WW-II, etc., or “Other Service” if during peacetime)

  • Branch of Service

  • Rank Attained

  • Notes – this can include

    • Area served (Pacific Theater, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc)

    • Medals received (Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Silver Star, etc)

    • Dates of service

    • Other information of interest


Some examples of information collected:


If you are interested in helping research these Veterans, and/or have information to share, please send to: 

Veterans Project

Jim Hoch at


Links to Veterans Index by Last Name:

A -  /files/Veterans_-_A.pdf

B - /files/Veterans_-_B.pdf

C - /files/Veterans_-_C.pdf

D - /files/Veterans_-_D.pdf

E - /files/Veterans_-_E.pdf

F - /files/Veterans_-_F.pdf

G - /files/Veterans_-_G.pdf

H - /files/Veterans_-_H.pdf

I -   /files/Veterans_-_I.pdf

J -  /files/Veterans_-_J.pdf

K -  /files/Veterans_-_K.pdf

L -  /files/Veterans_-_L.pdf

M -  /files/Veterans_-_M.pdf

N - /files/Veterans_-_N.pdf

O - /files/Veterans_-_O.pdf

P -  /files/Veterans_-_P.pdf

Q -  /files/Veterans_-_Q.pdf

R - /files/Veterans_-_R.pdf

S -  /files/Veterans_-_S.pdf

T -  /files/Veterans_-_T.pdf

U - /files/Veterans_-_U.pdf

V -  /files/Veterans_-_V.pdf

W -  /files/Veterans_-_W.pdf

X -   /files/Veterans_-_X.pdf

Y -  /files/Veterans_-_Y.pdf

Z-   /files/Veterans_-_Z.pdf



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